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we create unique experiences
that guide your inward journey

Dive deeper into science-backed techniques that help you break through limiting beliefs and barriers. Our retreats bring about significant positive shifts in the quality of your life.  They help you become conscious of (and disarm) negative loops, behaviours and patterns – transforming counterproductive beliefs and perceptions that are limiting your life.

next retreats

Somerset, England

nov 2-6

15 people

Boulder, Colorado

nov 9-14

20 people

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Retreat facilitator

paul vincent

Paul has spent a lifetime studying and pushing the boundaries of human potential in his own body and with professional athletes, celebrities, and executives.

Through his research, he has discovered new ways to access what lies hidden within us all. Paul earned a Master’s Degree in human performance, has studied with many indigenous cultures, and is currently at AWE in the psychedelics therapy program while getting his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.

In the world of human development, Paul’s expertise lies in bringing the scientific to the mystical edge. Paul’s specialty is removing the blocks that prevent people from living to their full potential.

what's included

mindfulness practices

paradigm shifting discussions

self reflection work


nourishing food

daily movement


shamanic lineage

purchase land for Indigenous People

Donate to give more opportunities for true guardians of the planet to live sustainably and protect mother earth. What would our planet look like if we gave it back to the people who have a deep connection with our land?


Join our retreats

Our retreats are limited to a small group of people. If you are interested to join the next one, please contact us and we will be glad to provide more information via email.

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