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We combine the mystical and spiritual with scientific, evidence based research.

We help you design the life you want

The path to an elevated way of being lies in first understanding how we operate as humans. Breaking down old patterns and behaviours, understanding the blueprint of how our minds work in order to free ourselves from those shackles of old programming.

20+ years creating programs that optimize human potential

Exclusive retreats and experiences to support your growth

A course designed to help you dig deep & shift your perspective

5% of our revenue supports indigenous tribes

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to transforming the human experience

Paul Vincent

Expedition athlete, elite trainer, life coach, speaker and author. After earning his masters degree in human performance he lived with indigenous tribes from around the world, studying their wisdom.

Eddie Garcia

After working for a Fortune 500 company, Eddie quit his comfy job to travel the world and live a nomadic lifestyle. He has studied with Paul for 3 years, learning how to bridge the gap between our "Western Ways" of doing things and Indigenous wisdom.

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Dive deeper into science, backed techniques that help you break through limiting beliefs and barriers.

What people say

Time and time again I come back to these tools, whenever I encounter a barrier in my life... I apply these lessons and am able to break through it.
Eugy Alliegro
Founder, BetterWay
Paul has opened my eyes to a way of living that I didn’t think was possible.  Paul gave me the freedom to truly choose the life I wanted to live.
Alex Bird
CEO and Founder, Kiss My Keto
I feel like I received the encyclopedia  for being human and living my fullest life.  Wow what a ride, I recommend joining and hopping on board!
Octavius Terry
Celebrity Fashion Designer
our online COURSE

elevate your life

When we  are brought into the world we aren’t given an operating manual. We do our best to grasp learned constructs. 

This course journeys into the fabric of human consciousness, bringing understanding to who you are. To live the life you want you must let go of what you are not.

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Donate to give more opportunities for true guardians of the planet to live sustainably and protect mother earth. What would our planet look like if we gave it back to the people who have a deep connection with our land?


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