mentally physically spiritually reach your full potential

We combine the mystical and spiritual with scientific, evidence based research.

We create unique experiences
that guide your inward journey

Dive deeper into science-backed techniques that help you break through limiting beliefs and barriers.
Our retreats bring about significant positive shifts in the quality of your life.


Learn to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually


It’s time to journey inwards at the retreat location


Learn to implement insights and experiences into every day life

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Apr 30 - May 3 , 2025



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What's included

mindfulness practices

paradigm shifting discussions

self reflection work


nourishing food

daily movement


shamanic lineage

Retreat Facilitator

Paul Vincent

Paul has spent a lifetime studying and pushing the boundaries of human potential in his own body and with professional athletes, celebrities, and executives.

Through his research, he has discovered new ways to access what lies hidden within us all. Paul earned a Master’s Degree in human performance, has studied with many indigenous cultures, and is currently at AWE in the psychedelics therapy program while getting his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.

In the world of human development, Paul’s expertise lies in bringing the scientific to the mystical edge. Paul’s specialty is removing the blocks that prevent people from living to their full potential.

What people say


Dive deeper into science backed techniques that help you break through limiting beliefs and barriers.

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Our team is committed
to transforming the human experience

Paul Vincent

An accomplished academic, world-class athlete, elite trainer, and restless explorer, Paul takes a different approach to life. He invites us to widen our perspective, uncover what lies untapped within us, and use it for positive transformation. In addition to his Masters degree in Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement Paul is pursuing his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Ethno-pharmacology, and Psychedelic Studies. Over his 20 plus year career working in the wellness space, Paul has empowered people from all walks of life to take control of their health and well-being, including Olympic athletes, lead actors from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Black Panther and many other Hollywood hits.

Eddie Garcia

Eddie has dedicated over 5+ years to studying psychedelics. He has sat with several plant medicines, both with Paul and tribes like the Huni Kuin (from Brazil) and Q’ero tribe (from Peru). He is also a student in the Psychedelic Practitioner Program at Synthesis Institute, based in the Netherlands. Eddie has had 10+ years working in various roles within technology & operations, and is dedicated to creating spaces for people to live with more love, joy and freedom.​


This Code of Ethics is for the safety, well-being, and ethical treatment of individuals seeking this transformative work.


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Our retreats are limited to a small group of people. If you are interested to join the next one, please contact us and we will be glad to provide more information via email.

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